5 Yummy Smoothies to Start the Year Right

Smoothies: they’re no secret. A great on-the-go breakfast that’s easy to prep and easy to love. And with so many different recipes out there, it’s easy to find a smoothie that will help you start the new year feeling great! Here are our suggestions for five excellent simple smoothies. Adapt and add to them as you please!

PB & Protein
If you’re resolved to make some #gains this year, a protein-packed smoothie may be right for you. Mix a banana, honey, peanut butter, and ice cubes with milk or yogurt, then blend in some chocolate flavored protein powder for good measure. Heavy lifting, here you come!

Spiced Strawberry Banana
No one’s a stranger to this classic: fresh strawberries, a frozen banana, and milk = days of deliciousness! But for a special twist, add cinnamon and just a liiiiittle bit of cayenne pepper. Trust, it’s mind-bogglingly good.

Vitamin Chi
If you’re trying to achieve a nutrition-packed diet in 2023, look no further than this smoothie. With oat milk, blueberries, honey, chia seeds, and just a handful of almonds, this drink will keep you sharp and satisfied throughout the day. 

Detox Elixir
We all have big dreams for the new year, but let’s not forget it’s also party season! For days you’ll remember (after nights you won’t forget), try this fresh, cleansing combo: coconut water, ice, ginger juice, lime, and a mild frozen fruit like peaches or watermelon. 

Citrus Party
What better way to fight the cold season than with a healthy (and yummy) dose of vitamin C? Start with orange juice, almond milk, and a whole peeled mango– bougie, we know, but the sweetness will effortlessly blend with what you’re about to add next: spinach, lemon juice, and a shot of turmeric! Your sinuses will thank you! 

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