Short Hair Styles for the Return of Y2K

So you just got an ultra-short haircut for the new year, right before you heard about the full-force comeback of Y2K! Fear not, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the looks of the early 2000s. Here’s Poof Apparel’s three-step guide on selecting the perfect style for you– straight from 2002.

1. Select your length.
Nevermind the decade trend, your baseline haircut should be whatever is most flattering to you. Determine your face shape using a handy chart, then choose a length that best brings out your natural beauty! A shoulder-length lob, blunt bob, pixie, and buzz cut are all great options.

2. Select your layers.
Here’s where you can start to get creative. Depending on your relationship with your forehead, blunt bangs might be the move. Or go for some classic ‘00s “antennae,” framing your face with two wisps from either side. 

3. Select your accessories!
In truth, accessories are really what determines the official “Y2K-ness” of your hair. Butterfly clips, chunky highlights, or clip-in colors will automatically transport you to an Avril Lavigne concert (early era, of course). For a more subtle reference, try out hair crimping, bubble braids, space buns, or two high pigtails. If beaded boxed braids are appropriate to your culture, go for it! And for those whose hair is too short to adorn, you’re in luck: technology of the future has made butterfly clip earrings a thing.

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