Modern Grunge is Here, Now What To Wear?

Style experts have declared that the 2000s are back, which means ‘90s fashion is alt, which means that if you want to look cool in 2023 grunge is where it’s at. Remember, grunge is anticapitalist at heart, so the less you buy for this trend, the better. Here are our recommendations on incorporating grunge no matter what your current wardrobe looks like.

Modern Grunge for the Clean Gurl – Ok girlboss, you want to be hip but still keep up with your skincare routine? Here’s how to go light on grunge: baggy denim, white button-down, and a black jacket. Try and muster up some chain jewelry to bring up the edge factor, then listen to Nirvana as you hype up for Monday’s all-call meeting.

Modern Grunge for Washed-Up Hipster – With that beanie hair, this one will be easy for you! Whip out the old Doc Martens, your favorite dark-colored flannel, and as many band t-shirts as you can find. Then, put on some Stone Temple Pilots and get ready to relive your glory days.

Modern Grunge for Cottagecore Princess – We see what happened: somebody told you you can’t keep wearing white after labor day and now you’re in search of a completely new identity. No worries, we’ll meet you in the middle! Keep your long floral skirt (the darker the better). You’re going to pair that with a baggy sweater, clip back your dainty necklace to choker-length, and top the whole thing with a distressed plaid blanket. That’s the look, now go play some Soundgarden as you give your homestead farm a sound bath!

Modern Grunge for the Person Who Still Shops at Hot Topic – Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’. And for a music rec, you tell us!

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