Cute and Easy Halloween Makeup

Halloween is a favorite around here: an excuse to dress up AND go all out on makeup – what could be better?

We’ve gathered some of our favorite Halloween makeup looks and tips to give you all the #inspo you need for a spooktacular holiday.

A lot of color and a little creativity go a long way in pop art inspired makeup. Play with bright colors and little details to make the famous artwork come to life in an ultra-chic way.

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A Halloween classic with a fierce twist. Long gone are the days of  unsightly witches- this year we love witches who look good while they’re being bad. Whether you want to go with a little green face paint or a pale white complexion, use sharp, crisp lines and bold colors to emphasize your most prominent features.

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For the novices: Wednesday Addams is the perfect combination of dark and light. Use a coat of start with a layer of foundation that’s lighter than your normal skin color. If you want a stark contrast, apply a light layer of baby powder on top. Fill in your eyebrows and lips with matte black, and use plum blush and eyeshadow to add drama around your eyes and cheekbones.



One of the cutest Halloween looks we’ve seen this year-  that you can do at home with products you already have. Find a complete tutorial here, courtesy of Loud Makeup.

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An elegant Halloween look that can be as intricate or as simple as you choose. Start with a basic mask outline around your eyes, and gradually fill in details as you choose using a combination of precision and thick brush liquid eyeliners. While black is traditional, metallics look gorgeous in contrast to the dark.

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For easy Halloween make up tips click here

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