Face Embellishments for New Year’s Eve

It’s almost here: the main evening of the season. We’re not saying your New Year’s outfit seals your fate for 2023, but it certainly sets the tone. On December 31st, you can get away with being crazy-glam, so why not totally go for it with face embellishments! 

The great thing about this makeup trend is that you can easily accomplish it with things you already have lying around the house. Sequins from your falling-apart sweater, face paint from October’s Halloween costume, glitter from, well, college: give it all new life for the big party!

Here are some of our favorite inspo looks for maximal ✨dazzle✨

Via L’Oreal

This one’s the classic. Pick up a pack of rhinestones in your color– you can find them at any mall or drugstore. Then use eyelash glue to apply them to your heart’s delight. Match them with your eyeshadow color for an extra-polished effect!

Via Styles Weekly

You’ll never believe where you can get these adorable star stickers: The office supply section of your nearest drugstore! That’s right, they’re the same stars that adorned your grade-school homework. We give this look an A+!

Via Morphie

Got an artistic streak? The great thing about this option is that you have full creative freedom. Try your hand at free-painting with non-toxic colors, or mix some water with your old eyeshadow for some DIY face paint! Add a waterproof setting spray when you’re done, and you’re good to go all night long.

Via Pro Mua

For something sweet and classy, try pearl embellishments. Frame the eyes for a totally enchanting effect, and pair with pearl jewelry and accessories! You don’t have to go all out– just a few dotting your eyelids and cheekbones will do the trick.

Via Alitools

Ok, let’s say you do want to go all out! A glitter and face jewel combo may be for you. Pro tip: glitter will get in the way of any adhesive, so make sure to do your glitter dusting after you apply your jewels. With this look, the midnight sky will dazzle– second only to you.

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