Finding The Perfect Holiday Mini Dresses

We all seem to be enjoying that brief, final spurt of energy before the year comes to a close. Celebrating our accomplishments and ending on a high note: that’s what holiday parties are for! But how to dress for the occasion?

Whether you’re a student or a professional, you’ll want to leave a lasting impression before the break. How better to do that than with a mini dress! We know what you’re thinking: a mini dress? In this weather? Not to worry– Poof Apparel’s got you covered on how to rock this end-of-year trend and stay warm doing it.

Let’s get this out of the way: try as you might, you can’t just wear pants all winter. Rocking a dress in the cold is easy! If your showstopping gown isn’t long-sleeved, consider layering over a turtleneck, or pairing with an elegant wool cardigan. To keep your legs warm, fleece-lined tights are your best friends. Try leg warmers scrunched against your boots for a cute and practical fashion statement. And remember: once you’re inside, the jacket can come off.

There are many ways to mini, and anything goes during the holidays. Satins, sequins, and feathers have a dazzle factor. Try silk or embroidery for an elegant effect. Balloon sleeves will make you the belle of the ball, while straps might leave a delightfully sultry impression. Feathers or fur, form-fitting or flowy? The choice is yours!

The classic holiday colors are red and green, with accents of white, black, and gold. If you select something in that wheelhouse, you can’t go wrong. But we’re also here to encourage creativity, whatever the season! If you love a prima donna pink, go for it! As long as you shine, that’s holiday spirit enough.

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