Get the Mob Wife Look, Minus the Danger

Double check your calendar: while it’s not that Roaring 20’s, culture has suddenly been overtaken by a dangerous aesthetic, seemingly overnight. The “Mob Wife” look is all about opulent luxury and unapologetic glamor. Marked by iconic pieces like fur coats, leopard print, glitzy jewelry, and cherry red, this is the ultimate meeting of fashion and ferocity. Here are three easy steps to claim this femme fatale style as your own.

Step 1. Perfect Your Strut

Channel your inner mob wife by perfecting the art of the confident strut. Glide with purpose, shoulders back, and chin up, letting every step exude the unapologetic confidence that defines the glamorous world of danger.

Via @junybreeze

Step 2. Be Fur Real

Timeless and showy, a fur coat is the ultimate style statement. If that’s not your thing, opt for the extravagance of leopard-print, keeping all eyes on you.


Step 3. Devil’s in the Details

One thing about mob wives is, they’ve got plenty of time on their hands to lounge around in luxury. Invest in the finer things of life, like intricate nail art and over-the-top interior designs.


ViapolishVia @thetruthbehind_decor

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