January Style Horoscopes

Aries: This year, you’ll return to your most basic instincts and elements, gaining a clear sense of what makes you you. Instead of focusing on your outer layer, invest in the more intimate pieces… you get what we’re saying? Good, now make it lacey 😉 

Taurus: Lucky Jupiter remains in your sign until the end of May, closing things out right around your birthday. Make this year’s celebration one to remember – no “I’m not a birthday person” protests about this one! And of course, you’ll need a gown or suit to rule them all. 

Gemini: Jupiter enters your sign in May, bringing many months of luck and blessings. Take full advantage of this astronomical goodwill. If you see a style or a look that feels aspirational or out of your comfort zone, that’s your sign to embrace it. In 2024, you can rock anything! 

Cancer: 2024 will bring you a year of travel, which means you’ll want to pack light with the best of your essentials. While you’re still at home, focus on whittling down your wardrobe to the very best. If you can’t picture yourself wearing something on a luxury boat or highrise hotel, it’s not for you.

Leo: As a Leo, you’re probably tired of hearing about headgear. It’s true, your mane is what you are known for, but you don’t need to overly adorn your hair to shine. Invest in products, not accessories in 2024.

Virgo: Just as you like it, you’ll fly under the radar for the first portion of 2024, dear Virgo. Though you shimmer in just about every color you wear, here is your permission to go fully black-clad. Just make sure to wear luxury materials like leather and sheer silk.

Libra: You’re feeling transient and adaptable at the year’s beginning, which is most likely rooted in any Aquarius placements. Lean into your shapeshifting energy and design a few outfits based on your favorite movie and television characters. Who’s the star of 2024? It’s you!

Scorpio: The moon rules your sign at the beginning of this year, Scorpio, coming into full fruition on the 25th of the month. On this day, take note of the scents you are drawn to. Your signature perfume of 2024 will emerge from these clues.

Sagittarius: Sag? More like swag! In 2024, you will come into a style of your own. It’s been nearly a decade since you allowed yourself a personal rebrand, and Mercury decrees that now is your moment. Come summer, your wardrobe will be the envy of royalty.

Capricorn: You’ll need to watch your wallet in 2024, dear Cap. Though there are many shiny things that strike your fancy, limit yourself to just one major purchase a month. As the quality of your objects heightens, so will your life. 

Aquarius: You’re full of anxious energy as Mars prepares to enter your sign in February. For now, sate yourself by shopping the winter clearance racks, then after Valentine’s day treat yourself to the shiniest object which dazzles you most. 

Pisces: Dreamy, fate-casting Saturn remains in your sign through much of the year. Currently, it’s retrograde, which may muddle your ideas about when to shop and what to get. For now, moodboard out your spring and summer wardrobe. When Saturn goes direct in June, it’ll all become clear.

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