July Style Horoscopes

Aries: Venus and Mars in Leo are working in your favor, bringing you zippy motivation, days of fun, and plenty of attention. However, you’re more of a beloved side character this month. Lean into this by having your own one-off life episode – go on a solo trip, and pack the perfect pair of shoes!

Taurus: With both Jupiter and Uranus in your sign for the better part of the year, your long term visions are coming clearly into sight. The path forward is uniquely yours, so ignore your haters, embrace your friends, and wear that crazy thing you found at the vintage shop.

Gemini: This month’s planetary chart is dominated by Pisces, Leo, and Taurus, leaving very little breathing room for a sparkly air sign like yourself. Take it as a sign to check in with yourself – what do you need to stay connected with your inner strength? Is it a ballgown? It’s probably a ballgown.

Cancer: Your birthday season comes to a close this month, and you’re glowing. This year was not only a good one, it brought you a momentous shift. You now know how brilliant you are, and how far you can go. One could say you “wear the pants” these days. So go ahead and buy an amazing new pair!

Leo: This month is go-go-go for you, fueled by Mars and Venus in your sign and of course, your upcoming birthday! You’ll want to sparkle and shine for the ongoing festivities, so now’s the chance to snatch up that nice piece of jewelry you’ve been eyeing. You deserve it!

Virgo: When Mars enters Virgo on July 10th, you’ll be blessed with a rush of drive and energy. Perhaps you’re already feeling it! Until then, put off shopping, as it will only take twice as long. By mid-month, you’ll have clear sight as to what you truly need.

Libra: Summer is your season, but lately all your efforts to organize have fallen flat. Trust the signs of the universe by switching up your own pattern – instead of directing, try going with the flow a bit more. Some loose, silky tops will help you connect with your more relaxed nature.

Scorpio: Though some people think of you as secretive and reserved, lately, you’ve felt most alive with your amazing friends and some great tunes in the background. This is an important season of life for you, key to your mid-winter hibernation. Continue living to the fullest by making a few impulse purchases during the end-of-summer sale season.

Sagittarius: As the wisest of the fire signs, summer is always an interesting time for you. Your astrological siblings, Leo and Aries, flit about aimlessly. Meanwhile, you crave something deeper. Try this little experiment: next time you go shopping, run your hands over the fabrics with your eyes closed. When a garment feels electric, pull it, then buy it. Let fate decide the rest.

Capricorn: Taurus, your sister sign, is ruling the Earth for most of the year. This is good news for you, as her grounded nature mirrors your own, but with a bit more feminine softness. Follow her lead and lean into your girly side. Get some new jewelry, doll up your hair, and maybe, just maybe, put on some pink.

Aquarius: There are no air signs in this month’s chart, allowing you to drift blissfully undercover. After a few months in the spotlight, it’s a welcome change to return to your shadow self. Embrace your inner shapeshifter by investing in a new eyeshadow palette. 

Pisces: Neptune and Saturn are in your sign, making you feel as dreamy as ever. The good news is, while these planets rule in your favor, everyone around you will begin to understand your perspective more and more. Now is your chance to step into power – wear a silk suit!

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