June Style Horoscopes

Aries: You kicked off this season with a birthday, and now as spring comes to a close you’re finally beginning to settle into your new age. This summer brings a grounded, certain energy to you, dear Aries. Always wear exactly what you want and nothing less.

Taurus: Of all the signs, June has the most in store for you, dear Taurus. With Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus alight in your chart, get ready for changes both big and small. The events of this month will set long-term themes for the rest of the year – make sure you have a few fancy event outfits on hand. It’s best to be prepared for greatness.

Gemini: We don’t need to tell you to have a party – it’s your birthday season! Even if you’re feeling a bit stuck these days, don’t miss the chance to celebrate yourself and everything you’ve accomplished. Wear something totally out of character, like a really frilly dress or some faux-snakeskin boots. You may surprise yourself.

Cancer: With Venus in your sign at the beginning of this month, you’ve been feeling the love. Maybe it’s a new crush, maybe it’s the wonderful support of your friends, maybe it’s some juicy self-care. Either way, keep the good times rolling: treat yourself to some clay masks, a jade roller, and a lavish robe to wear around the house.

Leo: Hellooooo, Leo! After a way-too-long chill period, things are finally popping off again. Summer is in the air and it’s making your hair look fabulous. You’ve got a lot to celebrate this month, and it’s gonna be a busy one, so we’ll cut to the chase: you NEED metals. New bling, a chainmail shirt, whatever you decide – it’ll keep you looking and feeling cool all season long.

Virgo: Although it may not feel like it right now, you are leveling up. This summer, you’ll shed habits that are no longer serving you and rise like a phoenix from the ashes. You know that that means: wear something as daring and as powerful as you are. Fire print, vinyl, spikes, what have you. Fashion your ally in manifesting the life of your dreams.

Libra: Let’s get this party started, Libra! Everyone loves summer, but probably you more than most. You’re feeling totally in your element and looking forward to a busy (but meticulously planned) season. The next step? Focus on building the perfect capsule wardrobe, collecting five key high-quality basics which will keep you on track even when life gets wild. 

Scorpio: You’ve been flying under the radar lately, but your moment in the spotlight is coming soon. This summer, play around as much as possible and get plenty of rest. Really take it easy. Because come fall, opportunity will strike and you’ll want to be ready. While shopping, trust your gut instinct. Don’t follow trends, just your own intuition.

Sagittarius: June kicks off with a full moon lunar eclipse on June 3rd. The after-effects will be potent for a few days, so harness that mysterious feminine energy by getting clear on your next big goal. Imagine yourself at the end of this summer. What are you wearing? Now make it a reality – you have the strength.

Capricorn: Pluto, the longest-orbiting planet and ruler of tech, mystery, and the ineffable, has been in your sign since 2008. This year, it’s making its big shift to Aquarius, toggling between the two signs for a few months. Pluto returns to Capricorn for the rest of the year on June 11th, so think of this as your last shot to harness the full power of the planet for many years. Fashion advice? Two words: pearl buttons.

Aquarius: You feel at home during the warmer months, when you’re free to lounge on a field outside while wearing as many fun prints as you want. The stars are aligned for you this month – feel free to keep doing what you’re doing, and hit up plenty of vintage shops while this good luck is on your side.

Pisces: Sweet Pisces, you’re full of hope and excitement about the summer. Your social group is strong and ready to support you through this wonderful season. Lean into all the love you’re feeling, and go on a group shopping trip with your ride or dies! Bonus points if you emerge with matching outfits.

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