March Style Horoscopes

Aries: Fuel your fearless spirit! Step into spring with bold leather jackets and daring sunglasses, letting patterns reflect your confidence and embody the vibrant energy of the season.

Taurus: You love to splurge, but this month, keep it real. Embrace versatility with comfy staples and jeans, grounding yourself in neutral tones. Add practical elegance with a stylish backpack this spring. Your one allowance? A killer birthday outfit. 

Gemini:  It’s never too early to think about your birthday season. This month, paint with all colors of your personality, incorporating vibrant colors and unique prints, expressing your duality with artistic jewelry.

Cancer: You’re loyal like nobody else, Cancer, but you don’t often extend that to yourself. Celebrating your own achievements with monogrammed accessories that echo your perennial strength.

Leo: Keep it sunny for spring, with a sunshine-yellow sundress paired with a statement necklace that sparkles like your vibrant personality. Slip into comfy wedges for a touch of glamor. Voila! The perfect ‘fit for frolicking.

Virgo: Rally the troops (i.e, your besties) and get coordinated outfits, or, if you’re a part of a co-ed sport’s team, make sure you have a say in the uniforms! If anyone can do it, it’s you!

Libra: You’re feeling a keen spirit for justice lately. Embrace ethical fashion and sustainable choices, allowing your style to mirror the strength of your principles. 

Scorpio: This month, you’re in your #GirlBoss era. Command attention with power suits and confident tailoring, signaling determination with strong accessories like bold belts and sturdy boots.

Sagittarius: Nobody is as positive as you, Sagittarius! Show your sunny side fully by embracing bright colors and cheerful patterns, letting playful accessories spread joy all season long.

Capricorn: Spring is an excellent time to rework your wardrobe. Opt for classic, sophisticated attire and minimalist accessories, allowing your style to exude timeless elegance like the first blossoms of spring.

Aquarius: Aquarius, rock the revolution with ethical threads and earth-loving brands. Sport a tee that shouts a cause you champion. Accessorize with bracelets supporting your favorite charity.

Pisces: You’re in fashion flow, Pisces! Embrace comfort in loose fabrics and bohemian accessories, letting your intuitive choices mirror the fluidity of spring, where renewal dances in the air.

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