The Perfect Corset for Every Wardrobe

The 1700s are calling, and they want their corsets back! Jk, jk, but it does seem like we’re living our best regal lives now that this gorgeous staple is back in the zeitgeist. Even still, there are so many varieties of this throwback garment, from vintage to modern. Here’s what to wear, depending on the occasion.

For the party, opt for a casual elastic lace corset with straps, so you can dance all night without worries about slippage.

For date night, go for something sweet and strapless, and make sure to pair it with a necklace which draws the eye to, well, wherever you want it to go!

For high tea brunch, it’s your moment to go classic with a bone-structured front-clasp corset, and add a tulle skirt and gloves to really play the part.

For running errands, first of all, we commend you for skipping the sweatpants. But you’ll still want something black and fully secure to keep it casual.

For the weekend, you’ll want something that garners a ton of compliments to keep the good vibes going! We recommend a pretty, flattering color and an eye-catching material like silk or velvet.

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