The 2023 Shimmer Obsession

Runways, celebrities, and influencers alike have taken on a particular sort of sheen this year. Shimmer – be it metallics, sequins, glitter, or straight up gold, is everywhere. Why is our thirst for brilliance so insatiable in 2023? Shiny things are, in a somewhat literal sense, the most basic form of glamor. From a more scientific perspective, some studies have indicated that our draw to shine is an evolutionary byproduct of our survival instincts: it soothes the same part of our brain that draws us to water. 

When you get down to it, one doesn’t need much explanation to enjoy this trend. It shines for itself. Check out these iconic looks, from retro to space age, to get inspired:

Via @dualipa

Via @zara

Via @zendaya

Via @haileybieber

Makeup has also taken on a certain luster lately…


Via @urbanoutfiters

As have nails!





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