Top 10 Y2K Babydoll Tops

Everybody is talking about Y2K, but what does it really mean? At its core, early-2000’s style is a mix of the grunge-pop aesthetic of the ‘90s and the colorful, accessory-obsessed trends boosted by the dawn of computers. No garment better exemplifies this history than the babydoll top. 

From a 90s essential to a cute necessary 2010 wardrobe piece, these fun, flowy, statement mini-tops aren’t going anywhere. And with so many variations, it’s easy to adapt this trend to your personal style. Here are our favorite interpretations of babydoll tops, from frilly, to graphic, to bold. 

Boho Princess

Via Princess Polly

This cute and feminine piece that can easily be dressed down or up depending on the occasion.

Retro Sporty

Via Princess Polly

A double layered top that adds an extra something to a simple daily look, and provides enough support for long days on-the-go.

Graphic Irony

Via Garage

Make a statement with a cute crop top – bonus points for a quirky, sardonic phrase!

Classic Cotton

Via Skims

It’s not your typical baby tee, but it does take inspiration from the style. This “skims” tee has become a new necessary basic for the wardrobe, hugging your silhouette in a flattering way.

 Glamour Punk

Via Urban Outfitters

Embrace your ‘90s dreams with a colorful, bedazzled crop tee. With this much sparkle, it doesn’t take much else to make this outfit complete.

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