The return of the super-small sunglasses

They’re baaaaaack! Those teeny-tiny sunglasses from the ’90s are again getting their day in the sun. Literally.

As they say, less is more. These minimalist sunglasses do make a big fashion statement.

In today’s super-sized society, you might be surprised that sunglasses are actually getting smaller. That’s right, the size of shades has shrunk, according to fashionistas. Take Coachella, for instance. And if Kanye and Kim give these small sunglasses two thumbs up, they’ve got to be cool, right?

These slimmed-down specs come in a variety of shapes. Choose from cat-eye styles that have graced the catwalks. In a Matrix mood? Go for the severe, ultra-skinny cat eye. If you’re OK with being an Ozzy Osbourne lookalike, go for the round lenses.

Color is key, too. You’ll find shades with lenses in shades ranging from soft pinks and blues to purple and retro red.

Top it off with a beret, and you’ll OWN this style. Best of all, you can slide the sunglasses halfway down your nose and peer over them for an over-the-top “Don’t go there, girlfriend!” sort of vibe.

But if you need a pair of shades to hide the evidence after a night of too much partying, you’re out of luck. Those dark circles might play peek-a-boo beneath your shaved-down shades.

While the lenses may have UV protection, it’s true they don’t fully cover your eyes like their bigger counterparts. That means these sunglasses probably won’t get the seal of approval from your eye doctor β€” or your mom. That’s OK β€” you can just slip on your new shades and roll your eyes at them.


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