Trend Alert: PVC Vinyl

“Shiny!” If, like many of us, you find yourself easily distracted by unorthodox style, then brace yourself for the slick PVC vinyl trend that’s taking the fashion world by storm. We’ve spotted PVC on runways and streets from Paris to New York.

The question is, how can you pull off this look without looking like you’re dressed for a monsoon? Start slowly, with accent pieces. Or go for transparent PVC pieces, layered over your regular clothes. When you’re really ready to take the PVC plunge, you’ve got plenty of choices, from pencil skirts and pants to full-on trench coats. And you’ll have your pick of colors, from yeah-I’m-cool black to electric pink.

Plan on taking a selfie to show off your incredible sense of style? Be sure to turn off the flash. Otherwise, you’ll end up with more glare than glamour.


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