2023 is the Year of the Pink Renaissance

Earlier this year, Pantone announced “Viva Magenta” as the official color of 2023. If you’ve been anywhere near the internet, you’ve likely heard “Y2K” mentioned more times than, well, Y2K. Mermaidcore is super in, and of course, we can’t forget about Valentine’s Day.

If you made a Venn diagram out of all of these trends, what would they have in common? PINK. Bright, warm, romantic, and nostalgic, this classic color is coming back in a big way. Whether you’re a veritable Elle Woods, a pink-curious grunge gal, or you’ve been living in sweatpants since 2020, you’ve got options for incorporating pink into your wardrobe.

To celebrate the Pink Renaissance, here are some of our favorite pink looks from this winter’s runway season. Remember to scroll to the bottom for our official commentary!

Via Versace


Via Aitor Rosas Suńe


Via Aliétte

Via Acne Studios


Via Valentino


Via Carolina Herrera

Via Valentino


Via Rodarte


Via Rodarte

The Poof Apparel Roundup:

It looks like Valentino may have had some insider knowledge about Pantone’s color of the year, but we’re also excited about the ultra-romantic blush pink that’s featured all over the runway! Aliétte wowed us with the lime green color combo, showing that pink opens a world of possibilities for fun color-blocking. Rodarte doesn’t miss a beat with incorporating glamorous set design into their showcase, and as always, we’re looking to Paris for the next move!

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