How to Style Leg Warmings (Without Going Totally Retro)

Leg warmers: you’re not alone if the first thing that comes to mind is the 1980s. But with chunky boots, moto buckles, and slouchy fabrics hitting big on the runway this season, leg warmers promise to feature prominently in spring fashion this year. Here are some styling ideas that won’t make your outfit look like a high school spirit week throwback day– we promise!

The standard leg warmer features a knit fabric and cozy colors. If you’re going classic, just pair with a modern shoe trend like the ballet flat or Converse for some edge factor!

Via Miu Miu


Via Gathered

Nothing is safe from the denim trend this year, and leg warmers are no exception. Who knows how long these will be in style, so do it on the cheap by cutting up an old pair of jeans!

Via Refinery 29

For a more modern take on the fabric, opt for a bold choice. Built-in spiky leg warmers like these seen on the Dominnico runway scream “Stay away, I’m too cool for you!” On the other end of the spectrum, these puffer warmers are super sweet and will definitely keep you warm!

Via Dominnico


Via W.Concept

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