6 Ways to Treat Your Skin to a Summer Glow-Up

It’s Hot Girl Summer, it’s Feral Girl Summer, it’s the Summer of Love, again. It can be difficult to keep track of the overall “vibe” of any given season, but one thing’s for sure: summer is the best time to undergo a major glow-up. If you’re looking to emerge in August with super dewy, youthful, gorgeous skin, here are six hot tips to keep in mind:

Switch from a cream-based moisturizer to a gel. In the summertime, your skin is less dry. Gels rest lighter on your skin, going easy on your pores. You’ll still want to keep hydrated and moisturize every evening – especially when your air conditioner is on blast. 

Try double-cleansing! The two-step practice of following an oil-based cleanser with a water-based wash is a staple of K-Beauty tradition. Grab some jojoba oil and try it yourself!

Invest in a luxurious sunscreen. It’s no secret that you need to be using sunscreen every day to prevent sun damage over time. Why not make it a daily treat to yourself by getting a really nice product? Aim for something that has high SPF and feels light on your skin.

Establish a recurring spa day. Though it’s tempting to use every product in your arsenal, every day – resist the urge. It’s not good for your skin to be overloaded with opposing recipes! Instead, set aside one day a week to use all your special things, like sheet masks and jade rollers.

Love your lips! We often focus on the forehead, chin, and cheeks when developing our skincare routine, but there are plenty of ways to achieve a perfect pout! Use a lip mask or lip scrub to get a clean slate, then apply an oil-based balm for glowy goodness.

Live like a girlboss. Products will only get your partway to your skincare goals. To look like a well-rested, healthy, in-her-lane goddess, you’ve gotta walk! This summer, prioritize eating well, getting good sleep, and of course, washing your face every single night. No exceptions!

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