How to Style Your ’90s Slip Dress

Vogue, InStyle, and Cosmopolitan have all documented the revival of 1990’s-style slip dresses, and with summer’s imminent arrival, the trend is poised to skyrocket. Before you rush to your local lingerie store, check out these tips on how to style your dress-of-the-summer!

  1. Layer it up! Slip dresses were originally marketed only as boudoir attire. For a little extra coverage when you’re out and about, layer it onto a plain white t-shirt or a turtleneck for some extra posh!
  2. Pair with statement jewelry. If your slip dress comes in a bright color or fun pattern, consider leaning in to the maximalist aesthetic and accessorizing with bold jewelry! Charm bracelets, barrettes, and beaded necklaces all underscore that retro vibe.
  3. Highlight an accent color. For a fun twist on color blocking, pair your dress with accessories in a single, solid color – either one that’s featured in your dress, or a complementary hue.
  4. Rock it solo. Ultimately, when you’re wearing a slip dress you’re already making a powerful fashion statement. Embrace your natural beauty by wearing it alone for a clean, elegant aesthetic. The ‘fit is perfect for lounging in the park and soaking up the sun!


 Via @dolorescfr




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