May Style Horoscopes

Aries: This has been a year of many fashions for you, dear Aries. But as Jupiter leaves your sign mid-May, your Emerald Year comes to an end and you begin to settle on a style that’s truly your own. Make one more big, crazy purchase before May 16th, then work with what you’ve got.

Taurus: Spring has you feeling totally connected with nature, and as Jupiter enters your sign mid-March – thus initiating your ultra-lucky Emerald Year – it’s time to sink into your goddess energy. Go green, whether it be the color, or only picking the most wholesome of fabrics.

Gemini: With Venus touching into your sign early this month, you’ve been feeling the love. Keep the focus on date night outfits: silk slips, flashy jewelry, and burgundy lipstick. When you shine on the inside and the outside, a suitor is sure to follow. 

Cancer: It’s been an uncharacteristically busy season for you, and this energy will continue until May 20th, when Mars leaves your sign. Make the most of it! You’re a pretty stable person, so after this month you won’t be motivated to go out and get new things. So until then – shop til you drop!

Leo: *Taps mic* Is this thing on? Lately, it seems like you haven’t been getting the attention you deserve lately. But don’t worry, your birthday season is around the corner so that’s all about to change. For now, fly under the radar and shop where you normally wouldn’t – you’ll find your birthday outfit where you least expect it.

Virgo: Your friends are talking about the same old problems, but you feel you’ve evolved. There comes a time in life for a great shift, and this is your time! Make sure your wardrobe reflects your newfound maturity – invest in higher quality fabrics and pieces that will last a lifetime.

Libra: It’s social hour over in Libra-town, but with a calendar as full as yours, you’ll burn out by July! Entice yourself to take a chill pill by getting some cozy sweats and lucious pajamas. This way, a night in will feel just as pampering as a night out.

Scorpio: Lately, you’ve had a pep in your step. But as a Scorpio, even a minor energy shift can have major meaning. This is your sign to take a dance class, if you’re not already! Channel your energy and powerful prowess into an art form. That, and your new leotard, will be a perfect fit!

Sagittarius: More than most people, you understand that every human can contain multitudes. You’ve recently spent a lot of time working to understand your own complexities, but now it’s time to turn that gaze outwards. Hit up a concert, wear your best rock gear, and listen – really listen – to the music. It’s got a message for you!

Capricorn: It seems that you’re finally coming back into yourself after a few months of shying away from the public. The world is happy to see you! You’ve already got a great wardrobe, so don’t spend too much money shopping. Instead, invest in a few of your nicer pieces and have them tailored to fit the new you perfectly. 

Aquarius: Pluto, the planet of rebirth and cycles, is in your sign. And what’s more – it’s in retrograde! This is throwing you for a major loop, but ride it out and it’ll all make sense in the end. Meanwhile, shop based on pure instinct. Only purchase if it’s a major “yes,” and send any “maybes” back to the rack!

Pisces: Hey dreamboat, it’s time to get cracking! You’ve spent a while in the planning stage of your goals, making sure everything is picture perfect before announcing your move. Now, it’s time to step into the spotlight. Treat yourself to a personal photoshoot – with the most “you” outfit possible, and let everyone know what you’ve been about!

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