April Style Horoscopes

Aries: April is the month of change for you Aries. All energies are on your side, so be daring! Colors, textures and patterns are the watchwords of this month. Opt for a beautiful red jumpsuit with trendy sneakers and everyone will follow your energy. Beware of excess, however, as this could lead to a few slip-ups, but knowing you, go for it and you’ll be rewarded. 

Taurus: April officially kicks off your birthday, so shine on this month!  A long, flowing, brick-colored trench coat and sunglasses will be the centerpiece of your look. Now all you have to do is choose clothes you’re comfortable in underneath to give yourself that first gift: feeling good! 

Gemini: Make way for lightness and creativity this month for you. Be up for mixing styles with a long trench coat and a mini skirt. All that’s left is to add a nice pair of boots and the accessories of your choice to radiate in this first month of spring!

Cancer: Be your own boss this month. Choose your best colored pantsuit, a white tee shirt underneath and sneakers to shine. Don’t make things difficult for yourself this month and do as you please, the sun is waiting for you! 

Leo: Change is waiting for you Leos, so take the plunge and make a fresh start. Go for a total white look, pants and blouse or a long dress – the choice is yours! Add a colorful clutch and some chunky jewelry and you’re all set for April.

Virgo: April will put a strain on your organization, but don’t panic, the key is to let go and be daring. Opt for a midi skirt with boots. Pastel colors and minimalist jewelry are the perfect accompaniment. Your efforts will be rewarded, so take advantage of the fine weather to show off your best side. 

Libra: Librans, you know better than anyone that this is a season of emancipation for you. So follow your path to pursue your dreams. The perfect look to reflect who you are this month is the steamy white dress. Style your outfit by adding a barrel bag and sunglasses to make a statement. Feminine and stylish, conquer whoever you want with this look!

Scorpio: As one of the most active signs in the zodiac, this month is all about slowing down and focusing on yourself, Scorpios. Your two must-haves this month are a blazer and an it-bag. So follow your intuition and find these two iconic pieces that remind you of the strength you have within you to live this season to the full. 

Sagittarius: Bright colors, playful patterns and accessories are the master words of April for you Sagittarians. Polka dots are back, so go for a white skirt with black polka dots, a colorful top and fun accessories. Your strong drive will match this look perfectly, so go for it! 

Capricorn: “Get out of your comfort zone” must be this month’s mantra for you Capricorns. The perfect mistake-free look for you is total denim. Opt for a denim dress cinched at the waist with the belt of your choice, or a pair of denim bell-bottoms with a denim blouse will make you an assertive and stylish Capricorn! What better way to shine? 

Aquarius: For Aquarians, this month is all about finding the happy medium and making compromises. Try these two looks: the first is a pair of high-waisted jeans with a vitamin-packed blouse and a pair of little heels to complete the look. The second, the perfect candy-pink pantsuit in which to spend the month of April. So, which way are you leaning? 

Pisces: Pisces, this April will push you upwards and offer you new horizons. So what could be better than opting for a printed and/or colorful dress? As the centerpiece of your look, it’ll boost your ambition and joy with the color the sun reflects on you (and on your dress).

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