Mini Madness: Fashion’s Having a “Little” Moment

With the change of seasons, it’s only natural to expect seams to get a little shorter. But in 2024, we’re expecting this trend to be more than just miniskirts. This summer, everything’s getting shrunk: shorts, tops, accessories, even shoes! Since showing a little skin is in, here’s some inspo on how to incorporate Mini Madness into your wardrobe:

Classic Minis
Can’t go wrong with a little black miniskirt! Pair it with boots, sneaks, or anything in between.

Cropped Tops
Play with style and length here – you can go totally skimpy, or opt for a cropped cardigan for a bit of class. No judgment here, just a healthy dose of midriff!

Sweet Clips
Subtlety is key here. We’re loving this little braided clip, and the pop of strawberry color on the right. Go for whatever blends with your ‘fit best!

Little Details
While tops are getting higher, heels are getting lower. Don’t waste energy walking around in pumps. Instead, indulge in Mini Madness with flats and kitten heels!

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