April Style Horoscopes

Aries: These days, your natural fire has calmed to a sustainable, consistent blaze. It’s a good thing! With all the birthday festivities, you’re able to bask in your natural home: the limelight. Lean into this more grown up version of yourself by wearing minimalist outfits and letting your true self shine. 

Taurus: You’re always drawn towards big, lavish purchases – which has served your wardrobe well! This month, try a different approach and focus on the little things. You already know you’ve got a great eye– now turn it towards jewelry, hair clips, and other accessories!

Gemini: Venus enters your sign on April 11th, which means it’s time to connect with your romantic, sensual side. You know that lingerie store you always pass on your commute! It’s time to be brave and walk in. Pick out a piece that’s as versatile as you – plenty of lingerie can be worn in the streets as well as the sheets, when paired with the right outfit!

Cancer: You suddenly have a lot more energy in your daily life. It’s no trick of the imagination – Mars is in Cancer, giving you clarity, drive, and a whole lot of passion! Channel that towards a big change you’ve been wanting to make in your style. Dress in colors you don’t typically wear, or try out some bold new makeup looks! 

Leo: You’re a true child of summer, so nobody is as happy as you are about the change in weather. As soon as true spring officially hits, you’ll spend every moment possible outside, so now’s the time to invest in sun-proof styles. Get those expensive sunglasses, expand your hat collection, and try some fancy sunscreen – you deserve it!

Virgo: You’ve been feeling a little off this month, through no fault of your own! Your ruling planet is Mercury, which is prone to retrograding and slowing things down. Here’s the good news: Mercury is direct for most of April! Take this chance to settle into your old self: pick out a few classically you outfits and add a twist to them. 

Libra: Libra, Libra, Libra. Why are you even coming to us for advice? You’ve been totally on your fashion game as of late! Our only suggestion would be to keep doing what you’re doing. And maybe, just maaayyybe, invest in cowboy boots. Thank us later.

Scorpio: Lately, you’re a wo(man) on a mission. Getting dressed isn’t just a daily task, it’s an active move towards what you want. So far, this mindset has served you well. Now, it’s time to take it to the next level. Write down a few mantras to say during your morning routine. Connecting to your purpose while you style will only serve you in the end. 

Sagittarius: Inside of you are two wolves: one is a philosophical, professor type, clad in only the finest of cardigans. The other is a forest ranger, 100% prepared for the apocalypse and decked out in head-to-toe cargo. The underlying principle here is your deep sense of curiosity and strong intelligence: it’s up to you to decide what to do with it. 

Capricorn: With the spending spree you’ve been on you’re not going to want to hear this, but someone’s gotta say it: it’s time to pause the purchases and start saving. The stars indicate that late summer will bring several opportunities for black-tie outfits, and you’re going to want to drop some major cash for these. In the meanwhile, just work with what you’ve got! 

Aquarius: Lately you’ve been bored by typical sources of inspiration. Streetwear, magazines, and Instagram just aren’t cutting it. You want something bigger, bolder, and stranger. It’s finally time to go where the wild ones are: Tik Tok. Start by following @myramagdalen  , @annagolkayepez , and @tinyjewishgirl. Once you’re well acquainted, you’ll have a whole new perspective on fashion. 

Pisces: With both Saturn (planet of fate) and Neptune (planet of intuition) in your sign, you’re connected to some real magic right now. Your fashion choices as of late may seem a bit “out there” to some, but continue trusting your gut. You don’t follow trends– you make them happen!

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