Mermaidcore Made Casual: Classroom Looks for the Siren Within You

Low Rise Jeans
Want to evoke a mermaid tail without buying a costume? Light wash low-rise flare jeans are the way to do it! The color and shape add a sultry element to any outfit without going – excuse us for the pun – overboard.





Netted Textures
“Shipwreck” style textures are perfect for achieving that siren-in-distress look. Loose crochet knits in blues, greens, or neutrals are comfortable, chic, and perfect for layering.





Pearl Accessories
For a sweet and subtle touch of mermaidcore, opt for pearl accessories! Freshwater pearls with natural shapes work especially well for the aesthetic, and pairing them with seaglass-style beading elevates the look even more.





Sparkle & Shine
From makeup to body glitter to metallic fabrics, there are plenty of opportunities to add shimmer to an outfit!





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