SB2K23 Tote: Must-Have Items for Spring Break!

Bathing suit? Check. Sunglasses? Got em. Towel? Of course! 
You’ve already got your basic Spring Break packing list, so we’re just here to remind you of a few key items you may have forgotten. 

Disposable or Digital Camera
Move over, iPhone! These options will provide a delightfully retro look, and your memories won’t be lost in the backlog of photos stored in the Cloud. Just remember to turn the flash off while you’re at the beach!





Cute Mini Cooler



Gone are the days of waiting in line for $20 hot dogs. Be prepared to party with one of these adorable mini coolers – perfectly sized for a few drinks and your favorite snacks!

Gorgeous Cover Up
Channel goddess energy in one of these ethereal cover up dresses. They’re a great option for walks along the pier, and they’ll provide some variety among your many bikini photos!


Trendy Hat
Gotta protect your noggin’ from the sun! Straw hats are back, and bucket hats are back-er, so you’ve got options! Pro tip: dip in water before wearing it for a much-needed cooldown.


You knew we had to say it. No spring break trip is complete without sunscreen– and lots of it! Get a version that actually smells good and feels good so you’re inclined to wear it. The extra bucks are worth avoiding a burn!


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