February Style Horoscopes from Poof Apparel

Ah February: a delightfully short month signaling the end of winter. It’s the first time in a long time that no major planets are in retrograde, which means you’re probably feeling strong momentum in all areas of your life. All the hubbub of January– resolutions, travels, new routines– is finally setting and you’re ready to make 2023 the best year yet. For tips on how to dress for what is sure to be a successful month, read on.
– Madame Esmerelda, resident Poof astrologer

Aries: Jupiter is still in Aries, and you’re feeling the heat! You’re highly conscious of your upcoming birthday, and ready to invest in the girlboss of your heart. This month, lean into the element of yourself which makes you feel most powerful. Envision yourself at the top of your game: career, romance, social, or otherwise. What are you wearing? Snake boots, an embroidered fire top, and huge statement jewelry? Alright, wear it girl! 

Taurus: With the first hint of spring on the forecast this month, you’re finally beginning to stir from your hibernation. You love intentionality, and adjusting your routines with the flow of the seasons is a great way to be deliberate. Answer the wake-up call and get some comfy and cute athleisure. A nice new pair of workout leggings will give you just the inspiration you need to start moving again!

Gemini: Mars remains in Gemini through the month, and boy are you feeling it! Your naturally social nature is elevated by the planet of action. What to do with all this energy? Throw a party of course! Aside from Valentine’s day, February is a bit of a dead-zone for holidays, so let your creativity shine and throw an elaborately themed costume party. Then, hit up the vintage shops and let the dress-up begin! 

Cancer: You’ve been enjoying winter solitude, and sheltering in the comforts of your home shielded you from the very worst of Mercury retrograde. But now, the planet of socializing is out of the shadows and old friends are calling! Start simple and restock on spring basics: neutral-colored vests, light-fabric long-sleeves, and a nice pair of everyday jeans. It’s time to get out there!

Leo: Planetarily speaking, there’s not much going on for you this month. Take this as the universe’s cue to give yourself a brief reprieve from the limelight. On February 5th, the full moon in Leo will reveal where your focus should lie. While you wait for direction, maintain what you already have by buying accessories that will take your wardrobe to the next level.

Virgo: Your keen foresight and organization serves you especially well at the beginning of the year. You’ve long-since gotten your impulse-purchase habit under control, and your budgeting skills are enviable. So this month, treat yourself the Virgo way! Research some slow fashion companies and select a piece that you’re super excited about. It may not arrive right away, but when it does you’ll reap the rewards of your stylish, well-researched taste. 

Libra: Forget the planets: it’s runway season, and you’ve been eating it up! Your air sign spirit delights in the fresh, diverse looks predicted for 2023. Just remember to check in with yourself: yes, it may all be shiny, but what do you actually like? Pay attention to the designers you naturally gravitate towards and fold those looks into your style. And remember, when it comes to vintage designerwear, eBay is your friend!

Scorpio: As the dark and moody sign of the zodiac, you’re known to wear a lot of black. And who could blame you; it’s a great color! But these days, it seems like even the normies are donning darkness. You’re ready to differentiate with *deep breath* a pop of color. Take an online seasonal color analysis quiz to see what colors suit you, and take the first step with something small in that shade, like a scarf, necklace, or top.

Sagittarius: After a fun season of vacation, travel, and winter sports, you’re feeling a little stuffy being back at work. Hey, no one prefers fluorescence to the great outdoors, but the office doesn’t have to be so bad! Get yourself some glam workwear that makes you feel like yourself, even at the desk. High-end cargo pants, a canvas jumpsuit, or some futuristic new glasses may do just the trick. 

Capricorn: Mercury remains in Capricorn until February 11th, then it’s in the strange waters of Aquarius for the rest of the month. Take a double-pronged approach to the planet of communication: do all your shopping early in the month, curating the vibe you want to project. Then, after the 11th, take a chance and get something out of your comfort zone: a see-through top, patterned pants, or something ~scandalous~

Aquarius: ‘Tis your season! All eyes are on you this month, and while usually you like to remain aloof and mysterious, you’re reveling in the birthday attention right now. Though people might think your style is a little “out there,” it’s choices like yours that set trends for the year to come! Consider widening your reach by posting outfit pics on Insta, or OOTD’s on Tik Tok. Taking a moment to explain your unique choices might help people rise to your level of fun.

Pisces: With your birthday on the horizon, Valentine’s day coming soon, and romantic Venus in your sign, you’re positively glowing. This year is all about making your fantasies come true, and it’s time to start dressing like it. Whether it’s princess posh, mermaid core, or scary goth, embrace your innermost mythical creature by pairing lavish fabrics with over-the-top accessories. And be on the lookout for the new moon on the 19th, which will bring guidance on achieving inner peace! 

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