Mini Bags are the Next Big Trend

Gone are the days of the oversized tote. Well, maybe not completely (how else are you going to lug around your laptop, book, planner, and emotional support terrier?). But next time you’re heading out to meet friends or run a quick errand, you might want one of these trendy mini-bags on hand. Just big enough for your phone, keys, and a few important cards, these little bags are the perfect on-the-go accessories. And with prints and textures as darling as these, you can even style your outfit to match! Spring is feeling lighter already. Here are some of our favorite looks:

Sensory Details
Featuring Mark Cross and Medea
Add some jangle to your step with a chain-adorned bag, or opt for feathers and fringe. Just prepare for everyone to ask, “Do you mind if I pet your bag?”



Precious Cargo
Featuring Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney
Sleek metals are the new neutral. Spice it up with total bedazzlement, or go chic with sleek German chain link. For precious cargo at half the price, don’t forget to check eBay!



Plush Touch
Featuring Gucci and Celine
For a luxurious feel, a mini bag made of plush fabric is a way to go. Don’t stop with a Canadian tuxedo– pair with a denim bag, belt, and earrings to boot. Oh yeah, and boots!



We ❤️ Fun Shapes
Featuring ALAÏA
Just because ‘tis the season, we’ve got to feature this gorgeous leather heart bag. 
Y2K style is all about exaggerated literal detail, so this purse *is* the moment.

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