How to Shop for the Perfect Boot

The perfect boot is the centerfold of a complete fall wardrobe. We asked our stylists for their best tips for finding your go-to pair, and here’s what they had to say:


Test the Heel!

While a tall stiletto heel may do wonders for your legs and booty, will you be limping by 2 o’clock? Finding the right heel size (and width) is essential to keeping you confidently strutting like you’re on a catwalk all day long.

Comfort Counts

Finding the perfect boot isn’t just about style – it’s about comfort, too. If you see a boot you love, don’t try to squeeze yourself into a size 7 because that’s what you normally wear. Shop for the fit, not the number.


Flatter Yourself

What makes you feel pretty? Ankle boots with a little heel or wedge can make short girl’s legs look longer, while a high cut can make them look shorter.

There’s no hard-or-fast rule about boot lengths, so find a length that flatters your body type and makes YOU feel great.

Stay Neutral

Keep your go-to perfect boots in a neutral shade that you can wear with a variety of outfits. Typically, black, grey, brown and camel are the classics. After all, those floral print combat boots may be adorable, but how much will they really go with?


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