#Summer17: Neon Lips

Bold, bright and beautiful – it’s no wonder our fans are loving this Insta-worthy summer trend. Neon lipstick is a fun way to refresh your beauty routine, turn heads and feel fab.

Amped Up
If you’re looking to experiment with neon lips, but aren’t sure where to start – try an amped-up version of your go-to lipstick. The electric color will add a pop to your normal routine with no extra effort.

Pastel Pops
Neon…pastels? It may sound like an oxymoron, but these shades pack the same punch as their brighter counterparts, just in softer tones.

Gold Tones
So maybe you don’t have a tan yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Channel your inner goddess and make the most of your summer glow by adding a fluorescent gold or orange lipstick to your roster.

Best of Both Worlds
Combine two of this summer’s hottest festival trends – neon lips + glitter – for a show-stopping look appropriate for any occasion, to be honest.

Unicorn Everything
Create pure magic with an iridescent, shimmering, unicorn-inspired lipstick, like the famous Unicorn Tears from Too Faced. While it may seem like a tame shade compared to some of the others we’ve mentioned, this periwinkle delight will make your lips irresistible.

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