What to Eat When You Feel Like You’ve Eaten Way Too Much

The holiday season may be over, but it’s still the season of spending wayyy too much time indoors (looking at you, Netflix).

Over-snacking may inevitable at this point, but we’ve got your back. Below are some of the best things to eat to cleanse and detox – with results to get you back in your new jeans just in time for date night. 😉

Too much salt?
The most commonly know combattant to bloating from high-sodium intake is water, but foods that are high in Potassium flush sodium out in a similar way. Try including foods like banana, spinach, avocado and salmon in your meals.

Too much sugar?
Fight sugar with sugar. Since overdoing it on sugar can actually lead to you to craving more sugar, the best way to break the cycle is with naturally sweet foods, such as apples, strawberries, and yogurt – smoothie, anyone?

Too much of both?
A high sugar and/or salt intake throws of the balance of bacteria in your stomach, which can disrupt digestion. For a quick fix, try to include probiotics (good bacteria) in your meals, such as yogurt or any other fermented food (like kimchi or kombucha).

Just too much?
Try fiber! Fiber-rich foods help move along the digestion process, clearing out the bad stuff that has you feeling blah. Look for things with whole grains (like bread), as well as beans, nuts and seeds.

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